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The best website for sharing and comparing the player statistics of your favorite game, Among Us!

Our Discord bot can automatically parse your screenshots of your statistics and load them into the database. Discord server leaderboards allow to easily show you in which categories you excel and how you compare to your friends!

To use this tool, simply add our Discord bot to your Discord server and login with Discord on our website to start!

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API - Automation and Tournaments

Use our API to create your own applications for you, your friends, and your Discord server!

With a user token, automatically upload statistics, or fetch them. Our API will revolutionize the Among Us tournaments held in the future by collecting data from users during the game and allowing developers to use this data in a Discord server to make tournaments that much more awesome!

Among Stats Uploader

By Arlin

Arlin's amazing program shows extra stats, and makes sure stats don't change when playing on the public servers of It automatically uploads your statistics to our database after every game to spare you the trouble of sending screenshots to our bot! Use the custom servers to play custom gamemodes such as Jester, Cops and Robbers, and Zombies!

Statistics Generator

Problem with your statistics? Do you need to transfer your statistics from mobile (Android/iOS) or BlueStacks to PC? You can use the statistics generator to easily transfer or repair your statistics.