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The AmongStats Uploader uses Amongstat's API to automatically upload your in-game statistics. This way, you don't have to bother with taking and uploading a screenshot every time! Moreover, the use of this tool allows for additional statistics to be tracked: The AmongStats Uploader also displays 4 important statistics that are already available on the website, simply for convenience:

The tool allows you to switch between the vanilla game servers, and the custom game servers of Be sure to close your game before you switch though, as it might not work while the game is still running. When you use the custom game servers, no statistics will be measured. Please note that, when you use's own launcher, your statistics WILL be tracked.

You simply need to get an API token from the bot, by using the command ';generatetoken'. Insert this token into the tool, and when it doesn't light up red, it's working :D If you have used this tool or one of its beta versions before, all (custom) statistics will be recalculated. No data loss.

This tool is written for Windows only. Since I don't have an official (and very expensive) certificate, you will probably get alerted that this program might be unsafe, as it is coming from an unkown publisher.

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By Arlin